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Enrichment for Elementary & Middle School

Enrichment classes are essential to building a well rounded, confident student. Our specials are included daily in our students curriculum with Foreign Language – Spanish, Music and Drama education, and Technology both in the classroom enhancement and a computer lab where students are trained on life skills that they need today and for their future.
These enrichment classes are not just “fluff” added to the students day, but they are bright spots in the students day and add to their personal growth and well being. Engagement from the student means the joy of being at school is increased and their academic success and personal health is stronger.

 Fine Arts


Easter Program

Elementary School

Hallelujah, What a Savior! 

Overview of Fine Arts Curriculum at Advent

Students at Advent are taught that we all have varying measures of musical and artistic abilities and that all are gifts from God. Our students are encouraged to explore their individual talents, expand their skills, and grow an appreciation of the fine arts.  Some highlights of the year include the annual Art Show, holiday performances around town by the choir, Christmas and Easter programs and the Spring Drama show.
Fine Art Classes include:
  • Music Class for grades K-6
  • Middle School Choir 5-8
  • Art Classes for grades K-6
  • Drama Club 5-8
  • Band 4-8
  • Art Club 6-8

 Foreign Language – Spanish

At Advent, we believe strong communication skills are vital to future success. Our students are introduced to the Spanish language and culture at all grade levels – culminating with the option of a Spanish I Honors credit at the successful completion of eighth grade.
In the elementary grades, your child will be provided a learning environment that blends engaging hands-on activities with vocabulary development and practice in pronunciation.  
Your child will also be introduced to grammar rules, reading comprehension, listening exercises, and project based learning that includes familiarization with Spanish cultures and customs.
Middle school students continue building vocabulary and communication skills through four fundamental building blocks; listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.
Your graduate will be well prepared for Spanish II upon entering high school.

 Technology / Robotics


Technology at Advent

The use of technology is highly valued at Advent School, therefore it is embedded in all areas of the curriculum and at all grade levels.
In primary grades (TK-2), technology is used to reinforce concepts being introduced and mastered in the reading and math curriculum. Students are provided individual instruction at their level. Basic coding concepts are introduced starting in the second semester of Kindergarten.
In the intermediate grades (3-5), skills such as keyboarding and responsible internet use are emphasized along with mastering programs common in publishing projects such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and more advanced coding skills are introduced.
In middle school, technology becomes more of a tool for the student to use to produce projects, research papers and more. The cross curricular approach allows students to use the latest technology programs in a way that is meaningful to them in their day to day academic life.  Students utilize Google Docs for education and Chromebooks in their daily work.  In addition, they have access to a 3D Printer and virtual reality programs.
Technology is not used for reward or to replace social interaction, but as an educational tool.

Advent Robotics

Advent-School-Robotics-IOThe Advent Robotics team is comprised of students from Grades 5 through 8. They participate in the Robot Drone League at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Tech Garage. The team works together to program drones and to design, build, program, and test robots. Students design a robot to meet the needs of the mission of the competition which changes every year.
The programming for the robot and the drone are done using the computer language Python. The team members also learn to use soldering equipment, 3-D printers, and a laser cutter. The students learn to make electrical plugs and cables, and most importantly they learn programming concepts, logic, and teamwork. These are skills that they can use in the real world; the experience and knowledge the students get from being a part of the robotics team will help them in high school, college, and beyond.
The league competition includes 3 qualifying rounds and the playoffs. The team worked hard last season and came in 2nd place overall.

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