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Kindergarten is one of the most formative years your child will ever spend in school. The goal of our Kindergarten program is to instill a life-long love for learning.
In addition to the strong emphasis on math and reading, Christian education, and Christian character development; your child will also participate in Art, Technology, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish classes.
Ten Things to Look for When Searching for a High Quality Kindergarten. Advent provides all of these and more!
1. Unobtrusively Safe Environment
While students experience friendly and warm environment, there are procedures and personnel quietly and efficiently guarding the campus
 2. High Academic Standards
Students should see challenging academics as both the norm – and fun
3. Strong Emphasis on Math and Language
Foundational for success academically and ultimately, in any career
4. Family-like setting for Social Skills development
Best taught in a smaller, more home-like environment
5. Foreign Language and Appreciation of Diversity
Essential for success in our multi-cultural world
6. Strong Parent/Teacher Partnership
Insuring what is learned at school is a natural extension of what is learned at home
7. Teachers that are Solid Role Models
Worthy of admiration and respect by both students and their parents
8. Ministry-Minded Teachers
Who go “above and beyond” to help their children succeed in the classroom and in life
9. Leadership Engagement
Even at 5 or 6 years of age, Kindergartners should be provided age-appropriate opportunities to lead
10. Differentiated Instruction
Recognizing the significant developmental differences of Kindergartners
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