First Responder Family Scholarship

Advent wants to say “THANKS” for all you do!
Your child can have a high quality, safe and affordable private school education with the Advent’s Tuition Assistance plan for First Responders.
Advent teachers want your child to grow up educated, compassionate, confident, and loving. With limited class sizes your child will receive individualized attention that will help them to successfully prepare for high school and beyond.
Elementary & Middle School students will receive an automatic 5% discount with proof of employment in the following fields: law enforcement, fire fighting, and military (active duty and reservists). Additional discount may be received by filling out an application with the Advent Family Assistance Plan. Spaces are limited for the 2023-2024 school year, so call our Admissions Coordinator at 561-948-1744 and ask about the First Responder Discount today!