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Transitional K & Kindergarten


New adventures await after PreK/VPK 

Your child has thrived and grown at Advent Early Childhood School.  So what’s next?  If you loved Advent Early Childhood School then you can rest assured that you will find more of the same unique qualities that make Advent special at the Elementary and Middle school. 
We know the choices available to families looking for Kindergarten options can be overwhelming.  But at Advent, we can help you get the answers you need.  Our experienced teachers will guide you in determining the best next steps for your child… and we are confident that with two unique programs and financial assistance for those families that need it, there is every reason to provide continuity to your child’s education by moving on to Advent’s Elementary & Middle School.
If your child has completed Prekindergarten but would benefit from additional time to develop the foundational skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten, keep them moving forward with Advent’s new Transitional Kindergarten.  To learn more about this exciting new program and to explore if it is the perfect gift for your child, speak to your current PreK/VPK teacher or call and schedule an Educational Success Consultation with our Principal.

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