Advent's Fine Arts and Specialty Classes

In keeping with our mission to educate the whole child - heart, mind, soul and strength - our specialty and fine arts classes are a very important part of our curriculum. Each student Kindergarten through 8th grade has the opportunity to participate in regular classes in Physical education, Art, Music, Research, Spanish, and Technology.

Art Program

Our program is designed to introduce elements of art, explore a variety of medium, and inspire the individual's creativity. The highlight of our Art Program is our annual Art Show. Works of art are displayed around a particular theme each year. Students, faculty, families, our Grandparents and the community are all invited to visit the gallery and admire our homegrown talent.

Performing Arts

Musical instruction is integrated in our K-6 curriculum. Students learn musical theory, popular and folk songs, and music appreciation. All students have the opportunity to participate in musical productions throughout the year including our Christmas and Spring Programs. Interested middle school students can pursue music further by participating in one or more of our award winning choirs and our Band program.  Band is available beginning in fourth grade and has both Beginner and Advanced classes.  Choir is available for all age levels (K-8).

Drama is available as an elective class for Middle School students.  Through this class they explore the development of theatrical productions including acting, stage craft, and costuming.  The class culminates in a spring show.  Recent shows included:  Snew White; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and James and the Giant Peach.

Physical Education Program

Our Physical Education Program is a well-structured combination of organized sports, skill introduction and mastery, and fun. Good sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork are common threads in all activities. The highlight of the year is the grade level Field Days where students are placed on teams for a day long, fun filled competition.

Spanish Program

Our Spanish Program is a combination of vocabulary, grammar, oral and written communication, and culture awareness.  Students are well prepared to continue their studies at the high school level.  Spanish I Credit is offered to our 8th grade.


Our library is much more than shelves of books - although those are there too. It houses a computer lab with internet access and student study centers. The research curriculum is coordinated with other classes to offer reinforcement and extra guidance with subject area research papers. In addition, students are individually tested each year on reading comprehension.  This computer based assessment helps guide students to appropriate levels for consistent support and growth and a lifelong love of reading.  The progress students make in comprehension translates into further progress across the curriculum. Two sets of NOOKs are available for student check out.  One set geared for our K-5th grade students and one set for 6th-8th grade. The NOOKs open up endless possibilities for literature and have been a big hit with our students. 

Technology Program

For more information on our Technology Program, please click here.