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Advent's Technology Program

Computer Lab

It is our goal to provide our children with ongoing education in technology, so that they are proficient in using a personal computer in all aspects of their education.

Our school enjoys a state-of-the art computer lab with all grades participating in technology education.  Grades K-2 have computers in their classrooms to reinforce their learned skills, as well as computers in our library for use by older students. 


Kindergarten - Third Grade Curriculum

Students use a variety of software programs that integrate with the classroom curriculum:

  • Science - plants, simple machines, astronomy and weather units
  • Math - addition, subtraction, multiplication, dividing drills, counting money, reading both analog and digital clocks, and word problem solving.
  • Reading - phonics, spelling, compound words, reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Technology - introduction to keyboarding skills, using the computer as a tool and naming the parts of a computer.
  • Art - using Microsoft® Paint to enhance mouse skills by doing precision exercises such as connecting the dots, drawing straight lines, curves, squares and ovals.

Fourth - Eighth Grade Computer Curriculum

Our students are taught computer skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond.  We begin with keyboarding and teach them the programs that are the most commonly used in schools and business applications: 

  • Microsoft® Word
  • Microsoft® Powerpoint®
  • Microsoft® Excel®
  • Photoshop® Elements for still photos
  • Photodex® ProShow® for building video essays
  • Scratch for introducing students to basic computer programming

Students are also taught how to use the internet for research and how to use the internet safely.  Advent has purchase rights to an online research Web site - ProQuest K-12 - that students can use from home to help them with their homework assignments.

Math skills are incorporated into our computer class with a special project that allows students to play the role of business owner.  Depending on the grade level the student might own a toy store, ice cream truck or hot dog stand.  Students learn about purchasing, managing expenses, selling their product, and balancing a checkbook.  They then record all their data into Excel spreadsheets to make charts and graphs and to show a profit or loss.