Admission Information

Advent Lutheran School seeks students who desire a Christ-centered learning environment and who are motivated to lead a life balanced by strong academics and extra-curricular pursuits.  Our admission standards reflect our commitment to partner with parents in providing Christian education for our students:

  • Shared Objectives - priority is given to families who share our philosophy and objectives.
  • Cooperative Spirit - each student and each family admitted to ALS is expected to exemplify a cooperative spirit.  All students and parents should read our student handbook to better understand what is expected of them and in turn, what they can expect from us.
  • Academic Readiness - an applicant's academic record must indicate that he or she is adequately prepared for our educational program. 
  • Disciplinary Record - Students' disciplinary records are closely reviewed before they are accepted to Advent. All students admitted to ALS are expected to follow ALS' code of conduct as outlined in our student handbook.  

Careful consideration is given to each applicant to make certain that the program is a good match for the applicant's needs.  ALS admits and does not discriminate against any students on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.